Industry-specific solutions

Industry Related

Priorities and business best practices vary widely among individual institutions and their industries. Old American's solutions are composed of industry-specific solutions and best practices, along with related software products, implemented by teams of dedicated Solutions Architects with decades of combined industry experience.

Energy Sector:

The electric grid of the future will require greater levels of information and transaction management to improve the reliability, efficieny, and economics of system operations. The next generation of scheduling and optimization applications will also need to accommodate increased renewable and distributed generation and demand-side participation. Old American's suite of software solutions smartly and efficiently connects customers, resources, grid operations and energy markets — creating a more intelligent grid.

Old American understands whether you manufacture, maintain, perform construction or installations for the energy (oil, gas and mining) industries you must control your processes, reduce costs, and respond to a new set of challenges each day. Old American provides the solutions and tools needed to adapt to change, meet and exceed customer expectations, and address market pressures that will distinguish your business from the competition.

Healthcare Sector:

Healthcare organizations depend on timely information access to make life-saving decisions. Ensuring that patient data is available at all times is not just a regulatory requirement; it is critical to the level of service an organization can provide. Healthcare IT managers cannot afford to hinder the performance of emergency services or suffer lengthy recovery times in the case of accidental deletion or loss of patient records.

Old American is well aware that the industry of healthcare has seen remarkable growth and change in recent past. Having healthcare reforms executed, dynamics of industry have seen big changes, which drive the requirement of the customized solutions for the healthcare companies. Talking about the hospitals, government agencies, insurance companies, and insurance agents, everyone requires leveraging its efficiency via different kinds of Healthcare Software Development solutions for catering to the requirements of guideline compliance, information dissemination, and having up-to-date to the customers.

Public Sector:

Many public sector responsibilities have no parallel in private industry. Software designed for general business use typically doesn't address the unique constraints and urgency of public agency duties.

Old American offers the most complete, integrated, end-to-end solution for the public sector. With specific applications to address the most pressing challenges you face, Old American's solutions are trusted to improve performance and deliver better results.

You know how tough it is to provide the citizens of your state, city, or county with high-quality services when your budget is shrinking and regulations are increasing. With Old American's solutions you can cut costs, get the information you need, when you need it in order to comply with a constantly growing list of regulations and requirements, and better manage your infrastructure.