About Old American

A New Way of Working

At Old American, Inc., our flexibility enables us to intelligently address the challenges you face in structuring and obtaining optimal forms of technology solutions. All organizations have different needs. Our programs enable you to keep a watchful eye on the life-cycles or your products.

Old American, Inc. specializes in creating unique programs designed to suit the requirements of each specific vendor. We understand the dynamics of each technology sector and are able to provide solutions that are competitively tailored to your unique requirements. We're dedicated to innovation and attention to detail. Our service-based approach combined with our market intelligence and enterprise strategies, allows Old American, Inc. to satisfy our customer's most demanding technical challenges.

At Old American, Inc, we are dedicated to bringing you the utmost Technical / Consulting services possible.

Old American customer service is provided by a combination of account representatives, managers and a qualified staff of engineers. Our goal is to become a partner that gains notoriety within the market and the appreciation of our customers by providing top quality customer support delivered by a staff of professionals that truly care about your business.

Old American was founded to provide asset capitalization services in 1996. Since its inception, founder Joseph Rodriguez has participated in the private funding of organizations that had dreams of entering the information systems marketplace with technology that would benefit their businesses.

Most recently, Old American has pooled its resources with other financial institutions to accelerate the “ready for market” conditions for distinctive software systems that provide “not available” anywhere features and benefits.

Understanding the dynamics of the marketplace, technology advancements in both software and hardware along with a history of quick, consistent program delivery provides Old American with the foundation and leadership necessary to instinctively compete in today's technically intuitive revolving world.