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DATADrone2 for Informix™

The Informix Module of DATADrone2 has been designed from the inception to fulfill the purpose of simplifying database migrations from Informix Dynamic Server versions 7.x through 9.x to DB2 Version 8.x eliminating from 90% to 100% of the manual effort normally contributed by the technical staff of the organization.

DATADrone2 is comprised to two different highly modular systems. The first is responsible for the actual migration of the data and Meta data from the source to the target. This is accomplished by first converting the schemas from source system specific SQL to ANSI standard SQL, and then by converting it from ANSI standard into target system specific SQL for the new DB2 database instance.

It is important that we do it this way so that DATADrone2 can support more complex environments and to provide to government operations improved security measures that are required of ANSI standard databases and may not have been put into place due to installation choices made at the inception of the original Informix Dynamic Server installation in use at the facility being migrated, also allowing this choice (ANSI standard) as part of the migration results.

The Proof of Concept Strategy and Actual System was Designed to Accomplish Two Main Points:

  • To provide a system capable of real world demonstrations to interested parties.
  • To provide a working model for system preparation in the migration effort.

The DATADrone2 system is responsible for and capable of converting source code (scripts and programs) so that it connects to the new database instance, functions properly with the new database, and cleanly operates in the new database instance.

Different modules for different types of source code and scripting languages are employed to accomplish the challenge of diversity from site to site and even from application to application within a site location. These modules will use the same system specific SQL to ANSI SQL to new system specific SQL module that the data migration system uses.