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Data Center Outsourcing

No matter the size of your company, Connectria has the experience and resources to provide award-winning outsourcing of all of your data center functions. Connectria's Data Center Outsourcing Services are designed for organizations that want to leverage Connectria’s world-class data center facilities and expert 24/7 support in order to host and run some or all of their server environment. For each customer, Connectria customizes a "Data Center Within A Data Center" that can include both physical and logical separation of your servers within Connectria’s hosting environment.

What makes Connectria a good match for you:

  • The breadth of technologies we support
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Depth of knowledge in all IT infrastructure technologies
  • Ability to customize our services for each client
  • Extend the 24/7 capabilities of your internal IT staff
  • Primary technical support staff assigned to each engagement
  • Experienced staff that focuses on minimizing risk to business operations

These are the same reasons we make a good match for our customers, including Kenan Advantage Group, Delve and Jet Aviation among many others. Today over 1,000 organizations worldwide rely on Connectria to provide data center outsourcing and managed hosting.