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The Most Powerful Customer Service Engine Ever Built for UNIX, LINUX and Windows Environments.

DB2 Universal Database delivers powerful e-business solutions. DB2 runs on both IBM and non-IBM hardware supporting multiple operating systems including Windows, AIX, Linus, Sun's Solaris Operating Environment, OS/2, HP-UX, NUMA-Q, OS/390 and AS/400. IBM's DB2 Universal Database Enterprise-Extended Edition on HP-UX, ideal for applications requiring parallel processing such as data warehousing and data mining.

DB2's scalability, functionality, reliability, and pricing make it an ideal choice for customers seeking to run DB2 in a heterogeneous environment or on a UNIX platform. The DB2 Universal Database Enterprise-extended edition provides a high-performance mechanism to support large databases and offer greater scalability in Massively Parallel Processors (MPPs) or clustered servers.

Figure 2:

Figure 2: The distributed DB2 product line

IBM DB2: Future-ready, Today

The ability to effectively manage data and information is critical to business success. Given that, the performance of your database is a leading indicator of the performance of your enterprise.

DB2 is high-performance, cost-efficient and ready for your company’s future. Drawing on field-proven technologies from across the IBM portfolio, it delivers innovation with reliability. DB2 provides flexibility and is extremely scalable on the mainframe and across distributed environments. It has features that free administrators from low-level database monitoring duties, and can solve many common database problems by itself. It has a long history of successful implementations due to the wide range, strong integration and robust quality of available development and maintenance tools. And DB2 is fully enabled for deployment in private or public clouds, in exactly the same way as it is deployed on-premises, thus enabling delivery of Data as a Service (DaaS).