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Old American’s software solutions were developed and designed to serve the specialized needs of midsized organizations that rely on us to automate and integrate their critical business processes.

Strategic markets such as healthcare, professional services, financial services as well as government compliant agencies look to Old American to integrate timely business objectives among customers, employees, suppliers as well as business partners. Old American’s commitment to provide our customers with tools to evolve our customer’s business includes our desire to leverage advanced technologies.

Our software is affordable and adaptable--designed to run on open systems with flexible web-based architecture.

Market Focus

A large segment of the economy is shifting to silicon, computers and networks—emphasizing the knowledge and intellectual assets of the workforce. Organizational efficiency and productivity are now driving the market valuation.

The changes spurred by E-business cross all functional areas within a company. The only cost-effective mechanism that enables this broad deployment of direct access and connectivity is the internet and the data that supports intrinsic methodologies, now considered mainstream, to conduct business.

Shaping the Future

Old American’s web-based software solutions address the urgency required to employ new technology that provides companies with the ability to optimally deploy resources and focus on strategic objectives.

The consolidation of disparate data-rich databases maintained with accurate intelligence is the impetus for company’s to not only maintain a competitive advantage, but to also evolve the company into the new era of self-service. As the knowledge economy matures, the companies with that harness most powerful intellectual assets will come out on top—shaping the future.