for Informix

DATADrone2 for Informix™ - Schema Migration

Schema Migration is a three-step process. After properly configured and activated, DataDrone2 will connect to the database being migrated from. It will extract the complete schema for each instance (all databases within each instance) that the user wants migrated. These schemas will include the table description, primary and foreign key data, procedures, and any triggers associated with each database contained within the instances to be migrated. After the schemas have been extracted they will be run through a parser, which will generate and store ANSI standard SQL for generating the like target schema.

Step two of Schema Migration involves analyzing the intermediate data migration files to determine the order that the tables need to be migrated in order to ensure that data integrity is assured and maintained.

The final step involves parsing the intermediate data migration schema files, generating and executing system specific SQL for table and index creation. As each table is successfully created, all of its data will be moved inserted. The last phase of this step is the recreation of constraints, procedures, and triggers.