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The IBM XIV® Storage System Breakthrough

Next-generation enterprise-class storage at exceptionally low Total Cost of Ownership

The IBM XIV® Storage System is a revolutionary, easily managed, high-end, open disk system, designed to meet today's ongoing herculean IT challenges.

Its design - a grid of standard Intel®/Linux® components connected in any-to-any topology using Gigabit Ethernet - represents the next generation of high-end SAN (Storage Area Networks) systems. It is the industry's first single-architecture storage system, providing the highest level of performance, reliability and features, along with management simplicity and exceptional TCO..

The XIV system scales non-disruptively from partial to full rack configurations (27 TB to 79 TB usable) and meets growing capacity needs on-demand. Its unique architectural design scales throughput proportionally along with capacity, giving the power boost needed to keep performance high. The XIV system is a core component of IBM's Dynamic Infrastructure for a Smarter Planet and, within that, the Information Infrastructure offering, which helps today's businesses, including SMB, increase efficiency and reduce risk while addressing availability, security, compliance, and information retention.

IBM XIV system highlights include:

  • Low TCO - High-end storage at dramatically lower costs, by tackling and lowering the impact of all cost factors: acquisition, environmentals, administration/management, downtime, and even backup and restore
  • Ease of management - IBM XIV transforms and simplifies storage management through multiple design and software features
  • Reliability and availability - Supreme reliability and availability with a mere 40-minute or less rebuild time, enabled by near-instant self-healing and unique, grid-based, active-active with N+1 system redundancy; non-disruptive hot-swapping of hardware and firmware