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Disaster Recovery

Connectria offers innovative, cost-effective IT Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions for large and mid-sized organizations that need DR capabilities in North America. What makes Connectria unique is that we offer one of the broadest, most cost‑effective DR solution sets in the industry - enabling you to deliver IT Disaster Recovery at the right price and the right recovery times to meet your organization's needs. Discover why customers such as David’s Bridal, Southco, Franklin Electronic Publishers, Pliant Corporation, and ASD among many others chose Connectria for their Disaster Recovery services.

Connectria's Custom Disaster Recovery Services:

Customer Defined Recovery Targets

Includes customer defined application recovery targets of Zero or greater. Connectria will customize the appropriate environment to accomplish customer requirements. This may range from dedicated servers in high-availability environment, with automatic failover to a number of other replication methods including software, SAN, and data switch with defined recovery targets and objectives (e.g. hot stand-by, warm stand-by).

Data Migration & Data Replication

Connectria offers a full suite of data migration options starting with backup tape restore all the way to real-time data replication. Connectria also has developed an advanced database replication system that takes the Redo Logs / Transaction Logs from Oracle, DB2, SQL Server or any relational database and replicates them from your production system(s) in a constant roll-forward recovery mechanism onto Connectria's Disaster Recovery system(s). This provides for near real-time replication at a fraction of the cost of real-time replication.

Network Services

Connectria offers an advanced fully meshed network infrastructure to integrate your IT environment into our data centers quickly and cost-effectively.