DATADrone5 for SYBASE™ - User Interface

The user interface for DATADrone5 is accessible from a web browser. Web browsers are common and most are very familiar with navigating web sites. This combination makes for a very friendly, easy to use interface.

Initially DATADrone5 is activated from the command line of the server you want to migrate from via the browser. Upon activation the user will be presented with a screen message indicating which port the web server is accessible from. At this point you can access DATADrone5 by pointing a web browser at the machine you want to migrate from, and the port indicated upon activation.

The first screen that you will be presented with prompts you to enter a password. After successfully entering the password, DATADrone5 will generate a unique session id and send the web browser a cookie containing the session id so that only that browser can access DATADrone5's menus. For security reasons, only one web browser can connect to DATADrone5 at a time. If another browser attempts to connect while someone is logged in, then the new browser will be prompted with an error message indicating that DATADrone5 is not currently available.

After a successful login, the user will be presented with the main menu and a welcome screen. From this point the user can adjust any of the system settings. After the system has been configured properly, then the user can activate the data migration features.

All data will be stored in XML files. This includes system configuration data, user interface templates, and intermediate data migration information.