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POWER8® - Performance Redefined

Virtualization for Server Consolidation with Unsurpassed Performance

Everyone knows what ‘performance’ meant for IT in the past. Built on the foundation of POWER8® processor technology, Power Systems™ servers and blades continue to excel and extend industry leadership in these traditional benchmarks of performance.

But the IT landscape is evolving rapidly. And, as processes become more interrelated and complex, IT is being called upon to solve challenging new problems—and implement new projects, both with higher service levels and in a more cost effective manner. IBM has the systems, software and expertise to help clients implement projects that make their IT an enabler of innovation and a catalyst for business change.

POWER8® systems deliver unprecedented performance for both transactional and throughput computing for UNIX®, IBM and Linux® applications with up to four times the performance and workload consolidation capacity, and three times the performance per watt of POWER7® processor-based systems.

Deliver Services Faster, with Higher Quality and Superior Economics

Today’s IT performance means delivering services faster, with higher quality and with superior economics. The emerging measures of IT performance are around agility and the ability to help the business capitalize on new opportunities. IT is measured on providing an infrastructure that can handle rapid growth and manage business risk while meeting higher required service levels. And of course it is expected that new services will be delivered with tighter budget constraints—with IT expected to do more with less and find the lowest cost solutions possible. Click Here to discover how Old American guarantees savings with IBM's easy contract consolidation and ServiceSuite.

IBM Power Systems Highlights:

  • Deliver services faster, with higher quality and superior economics
  • Design optimized systems for specific business services and workloads
  • Select the optimal operating environment from AIX, IBM i and Linux
  • Consolidate and reduce cost with PowerVM virtualization
  • Deliver resiliency without downtime with PowerHA and IBM Storage
  • Build systems on the foundation of POWER7 processor technology
  • Deploy services on blades, modular servers, and supercomputers