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IBM Maintenance

Old American Incorporated Innovative Hardware Assets Management Program

  • Review your IBM assets online
  • 24 hour access to maintenance status of hardware
  • Serial number inventory available online
  • Financial returns programs enables you to stay ahead of the curve

Old American guarantees savings with IBM's easy contract consolidation and ServiceSuite

  • Maintain your direct relationship with IBM
  • All of your IBM services available under one contract
  • Simplified contract with consistent terms and conditions
  • Pay for only services that you need
  • Preferred pricing on education recovery and emergency services
  • Audit of your IBM assets you demand, and at no cost

Enjoy what Old American's 66,000 users have known since 1996

  • No interference with your direct relationship with IBM
  • Old American prepares all IBM customer agreements and monitors for renewals and equipment modifications
  • Take advantage of Old American's seamless support between your operating system and database
  • Streamline your receivables with ongoing contract maintenance provided by Old American