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IBM WebSphere MQSeries

Delivers improved ease of use and manageability to provide a flexible, proven foundation for your enterprise service bus.

IBM WebSphere® MQ, Version 7.1 software connects applications in a consistent, reliable and easy-to-manage way, providing a trustworthy foundation for cross-department, enterprise-wide integration. Renowned for its reliable once-and-once-only delivery of important messages and for its transactionality, WebSphere MQ handles the complexities of communication protocols and dynamically distributes messaging workload across available resources.

It can transport all sorts of messages and data, including files, XML and binary data. And it can manage recovery after system problems and help to make your applications portable. Offloading these time-consuming tasks to WebSphere MQ frees you to apply your skills to higher-level integration challenges that bring benefits to your team and to the business.


WebSphere® MQ continues to evolve with this new version. Enhancements include:

  • Multi-processor and Multi-core hardware is becoming a more common platform for deployment of WebSphere MQ. The latest release allows better exploitation of this hardware, with better ability to scale workload to take advantage of systems that exceed 4 cores.
  • Users of WebSphere MQ may choose to send persistent messages when the business requires assurance and recoverability. The latest release of WebSphere MQ demonstrates a performance improvements for the throughput of smaller messages.
  • For non-persistent messages WebSphere MQ V7.1 also sees greater throughput with small messages (below 2K).
  • WebSphere MQ V7.1 adds multicast as a new function for publish/subscribe configurations. Performance using this function is greatly improved for smaller messages.
  • Securing your WebSphere MQ environments has been simplified and made more effective with new IBM provided security capabilities, making the security on the connections between applications easier to apply and maintain without requiring users to write their own security exits
  • WebSphere MQ V7.1 includes a change in how the product is installed. Users may now select the location for the install of WebSphere MQ, enabling multiple versions of the product to be installed on a system at the same time.
  • WebSphere MQ forms the backbone of many critical business infrastructures and is entrusted with delivering business-critical and high-value data.