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IBM Informix Genero

IBM® Informix® Genero is an application development environment that provides easy, graphical tools for accelerating a new generation of mobile and cloud-based applications.

Informix Genero lets you model applications using an intuitive user interface, and deploy them across multiple environments. Informix Genero includes powerful reporting capabilities for the fast design of sophisticated reports that utilize minimal system resources.

Imagine software that enables your company to develop complex business applications rapidly. Imagine that this software lets you develop these applications once, and then deploy them across multiple user platforms without having to recompile code. You just imagined IBM® Informix™ Genero.

The new Genero environment helps:

  • Deploy applications faster with easy, graphical tools: You can leverage rapid application development capabilities in browser-based, GUI, Windows, mobile and cloud environments.
  • Lower development costs: Improve developer productivity and develop apps 5 to 10 times faster than traditional processes.
  • Deploy application across multiple environments, including desktop, browser, mobile, and cloud-based
  • Modernize existing 4GL applications: You can maintain investments in existing 4GL applications by using options ranging from simply modernizing the user interface to adding web services, business graphics, and drag-and-drop functionality.

Informix Genero is a unique application development and deployment environment tailored for producing mission-critical business applications rapidly. Developers can capitalize on intuitive, graphical tools to model applications and then deploy them efficiently across multiple platforms, including desktops, browsers, mobile devices and cloud-based environments. Adopt Informix Genero to help accelerate application development, reduce development costs, protect existing 4GL investments and create business services for SOAs.