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Hewlett Packard Services Integration

Your One-Stop Point of Contact

With Old American HP-Certified Services Integration, you receive quality HP service from your current HP field service engineer. You win because Old American will save you money on your current annual maintenance bill while providing additional valuable services. We'll meet with you and review your existing maintenance contracts at no cost. This contract audit often reveals redundant or obsolete maintenance items that can be removed further lowering your cost of maintenance.

Old American is your inside link to the information and resources of Hewlett-Packard that will lower your total cost of ownership and give you control over your HP infrastructure costs. Old American adds new flexible options for support coverage that will give you improved maintenance and support coverage at a reduced cost.

Discover The Difference

Old American introduces Services Integration value-add for users of Hewlett-Packard UNIX servers and workstations.

HP provides a common, modular architecture from x86 to Superdome 2 with common management.

HP Service Description

Old American's support service provides high-quality hardware, software, and network support enabling our clients to increase productivity and computer system uptime.

  • Clients choose the hardware response time and coverage period meeting their individual service needs.
  • Sophisticated remote support tools enable Old American to link directly to your environment accessing system configuration and support information.
  • Complete Hewlett-Packard maintenance support increases system availability and applications.
  • Your existing Hewlett-Packard field engineers, work directly with system managers and operators providing timely problem-solving solutions with both HP software and supported non-HP applications.

Same People, More Options, More Value, Lower Cost!

  • Free contract audit eliminates maintenance fees for redundant and obsolete products
  • Configurable response time
  • Flexible coverage periods
  • Unlimited patch analysis
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Extended platform warranties at no additional cost
  • Assigned support contacts 24x7
  • Level 3 discounts on HP systems and upgrades