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Rocket Software Selects Old American Incorporated for U2 Legacy Staffing Services in North America.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE –Wilmington, DE & Newport Beach, CA – December 02, 2018: Rocket Software has announced it has selected Old American Incorporated as its Business Partners to work with U2 users in North America in their quest for preserving their U2 based software investments. "The ability to deliver the following wide array of services from one source combined with a rich heritage of U2 experience was the basis of this milestone agreement," according to Rocket Software.

  • Staff Augmentation Services
  • Systems Administration Managed Support
  • Data Base Administration
  • U2 Data Integration Services
  • Infrastructure Planning and Provisioning
  • Backup and Recovery Support Services
  • Legacy Documentation

Old American's President, Joseph Rodriguez, would announce the provision of the end-to-end service of offerings shall be delivered in pricing models that offer uprecedented flexibility for all sizes and types of business enterprises.

About Old American Incorporated

Old American was founded to provide asset capitalization services in 1996. Since its inception, founder Joseph Rodriguez has participated in the private funding of individuals and their organizations that had dreams of entering the information systems marketplace with technology that would benefit their businesses.

Most recently, Old American has pooled its resources with other financial institutions to accelerate the “ready for market” conditions for distinctive software systems that provide “not available” anywhere features and benefits.

Understanding the dynamics of the marketplace, technology advancements in both software and hardware along with a history of quick, consistent program delivery provides Old American with the foundation and leadership necessary to instinctively compete in today's technically intuitive revolving world.

For more information, contact Art Leon or Joseph Rodriguez @ 949-587-5138 or click here to send us an email.
02 December 2018
posted by Joseph Rodriguez