Providing the most cash flow

Capital Infusion Programs

Asset Based Lending


This method of financing is really a lot like a line a credit from your standard bank which has a few important differences. Usually the one is that the amount of money that the organization is able to borrow is largely based on a amount of the total assets under consideration.

Usually, Asset Based Loan providers lend 80% to 90% on receivables. There is certainly still a credit facility limit, nevertheless, the company has to have the eligible collateral to help the borrowing. Generally in most asset-based situations the lender has control of the collections and the connection can be either disclosed or non-disclosed. There are usually loan covenants with this type of financing.


Inventory finance loans give businesses a cash advance on existing inventory. They may be typically used in combination with accounts receivable financing and are particularly convenient for those who need to keep some capital free for expansion or other investments.

Inventory advances are normally 50% of the cost of goods and are often limited to a percentage of the accounts receivable advance. Qualified inventory is frequently limited to finished goods that are sold and distributed a few times a year.


Equipment finance enables your company to buy the equipment, software, and furniture it takes to operate efficiently and make a profit. Leasing is a typical form of equipment finance that will not tie up cash, receivables, credit cards, or bank lines.

Other Lending Options


Business Equipment Leasing finances your businesses equipment, software, or furnishings needs. It has numerous benefits in comparison to purchasing these items.

Leasing typically is easily approved and doesn't require additional collateral or a down payment. It is frequently used for medical, construction or restaurant equipment leasing. Companies simply lease the equipment they need. Lines of credit are also left open when leasing, which means that money can be used for other expenses that are critical to your success.


This is any financing used to start a business. We help you to choose the best way to provide the most cash flow for your business. Options include secured start-up financing, as well as factoring, credit lines, and loans.